Right of withdrawal


Methods of exercising the right of withdrawal

The Customer may exercise his right of withdrawal in accordance with the provisions set out in this Article.

In accordance with the legal provisions in force, the Customer shall have a period of fourteen (14) days from the date of receipt of the Products to exercise his right of withdrawal with MUZIX AUDIO, without giving reasons and without penalty, in order to obtain a refund.

Prior to returning the Product, the Purchasers must notify MUZIX AUDIO of their intention to exercise their right of withdrawal by sending a clear written statement to MUZIX AUDIO by e-mail to eu.info@muzixgroup.com.

Exceptions to the exercise of the right of withdrawal

Under the EU Consumer Protection Directives, certain contracts are not subject to the Customer's right of withdrawal, including contracts for the supply of "goods made to measure or clearly personalised for the consumer or goods that are perishable or expiring rapidly" and the sale of goods in sealed packaging which cannot be returned after opening the packaging after delivery for health or hygiene reasons. All products for which it cannot be excluded that they have been in contact with body fluids, such as those which may be placed in the body cavity, skin or hair.

Therefore, all "custom-made" and/or personalised products are excluded from the right of withdrawal: custom-made and/or made-to-measure products such as cut-to-length ribbon cables and cable sheathing, and other custom-made products.

The Buyer acknowledges and expressly accepts that MUZIX AUDIO has the right to withdraw from the legal transaction from the conclusion of the Contract until the acceptance of the Product by the Buyer, in particular, but not exclusively, if the Product subject to the Contract cannot be made available to MUZIX AUDIO by MUZIX AUDIO's suppliers in due time or if the purchase price of the Product is incorrectly indicated on the Website.

In the event of cancellation under this clause, MUZIX AUDIO shall be entitled, but not obliged, to offer the Buyer a new Product of the same quality as the Product in place of the Product. MUZIX AUDIO will refund to the Buyer the Purchase Price or the Full Price in the event of a withdrawal under this clause, if already paid by the Buyer, as provided in this Section. The Buyer acknowledges and expressly agrees that MUZIX AUDIO is not obliged to give reasons for the withdrawal. MUZIX AUDIO shall have the right to cancel the Order and withdraw from the Contract if there is a suspicion or appearance of a particular commercial risk.

The ordering of Products in particularly large quantities, the ordering by a legal entity Buyer in bankruptcy, liquidation or winding-up, as well as the ordering of a value exceeding the registered capital of the legal entity Buyer, shall be considered as a special business risk, expressly but not exclusively.

The Consumer shall not be entitled to withdraw from the purchase of any Product pursuant to Article 29 (1) (e) of Government Decree No. 45/2014 (26.II.) which cannot be returned after  opening the Product after delivery for health protection or hygiene reasons (hereinafter referred to as "Hygiene Product(s)").

As listed, but not in its entirety:

In-ear headphones, earplugs, eartips and headphones that can be placed on the head  and come into contact with skin, hair and/or body fluids.

MUZIX AUDIO informs the Buyer that according to the resolution of the Consumer Protection Services Control Department of the Hungarian Ministry of National Development, NFM_ERK/87559/2017, the above products are considered as Hygiene Products according to the Regulation of the Government of Hungary No. 45/2014 (26.II.), § 29 (1) paragraph e), since after removing the protective packaging of these Products, it cannot be excluded that the Product has been in contact with the human body, body fluids or bacteria. The Buyer shall be entitled to exercise its right of withdrawal in respect of Hygiene Products if it has not opened the packaging of the Hygiene Products.

Conditions for returning products

The Products must be returned in their original packaging and in perfect condition within fourteen (14) days of the date of notification to MUZIX AUDIO of the Buyer's decision to exercise the right of withdrawal. The Products must be returned in their entirety and in their original condition (packaging, accessories, instructions for use...) in order to be resold as new with the corresponding invoice.

Damaged, used, contaminated, and incomplete Products will not be accepted and will be charged to the Buyer for their return. Exceptionally, these products may be accepted back at a reduced price (with a 40% depreciation of the original price).

In the event that the right of withdrawal is exercised within the aforementioned period, the price of the Products purchased and the normal delivery costs will be refunded.

The return charges shall be borne by the Buyer. If a return label has been provided to the Buyer, the cost thereof will be deducted from the refund.

Refunds will be made within fourteen (14) days from the date MUZIX AUDIO receives notice from the Buyer indicating that he wishes to exercise his right of withdrawal. However, MUZIX AUDIO reserves the right to postpone the refund until the receipt of the returned Product (the refund may take up to eight (8) days after receipt of the Product and receipt of the Buyer's bank details, if the payment method is bank transfer).