One or more speakers built into a specially designed box. The installation is primarily necessary in order not to create the so-called acoustic short circuit during the transmission of deeper sounds. *
The mechanical properties of the sound box greatly affect the sound of the speaker. Because the mechanical movements of speakers are difficult to control and control, speakers are usually the cause of the most audible distortion in the entire sound system. Therefore, it is worth being careful when choosing a speaker. There are also two- and three-way speakers. "Road" refers to the number of bands into which the speaker processes the audible frequency range. In general, the deeper sound a speaker is designed to produce, the larger its capacity, i.e. the larger the sound box in which the speakers must be placed.

*Acoustic short circuit:

When a speaker is driven in an uninstalled state, sound waves emanating from the cone bypass it and travel to the back of it, so that air density thinning on both sides of the diaphragm cancels each other out. Thus, although the diaphragm can move significantly back and forth, it can produce an audible sound. To eliminate the acoustic short circuit, the speaker must be built into a wall or box.

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