Loyalty Program

MUZIX AUDIO- Loyalty program. Become a returning customer, we will reward your loyalty!

To promote our new online store launched by MUZIX AUDIO and to encourage customer loyalty and returning customers, we want to motivate our valued customers to make new purchases by registering a customer account.

The main elements of the program are as follows:

We offer a "discount" applied to the value of each online purchase made, which is posted to the virtual shopping account associated with the registered customer account. The percentage and terms of the discount will be announced via this notice, with the caveat that we reserve the right to change the discount percentage and terms at our discretion in our commercial interest by publishing the content of the notice and the discount percentage in writing in the footer of the online store on the https://www.muzix.eu domain and/or by sending a newsletter to our customers who have registered an account and subscribed to our newsletter.

The terms and conditions of the loyalty program will be as follows beginning August 1, 2022:

List price products (no discount or promotion): a 10% discount off the gross retail price added to the customer account.

Discounted or promotional products: 5%, i.e. a refund of three percent of the gross retail price to the customer account.

The refund will always be credited when the purchase is completed (transaction completed).

Refunds cannot be made without account registration and cannot be converted to direct rebates.

To keep your balance "safe", do not give your access code to anyone else. We cannot accept complaints about "unexpected" balance changes.

Participation in the loyalty program implies acceptance of the rules and terms and conditions.

Definition of completed purchase. After placing an order in the online store, following the delivery/receipt/payment method chosen, our system closes the process for paid products, and we inform our customers of the completion of the purchase process via an email message sent to the email address provided during registration. At the same time, the amount of points related to the purchase refund (1 point = 1 HUF) will be automatically displayed in a clear and visible way in the registered account. The refund can only be used as a discount balance for further purchases.

How the rebate can be used at any time: It is not automatically deducted from the next purchase(s), but only if the registered account holder wishes to use it during the purchase process. This can be decided during the payment process.

The refund amount resulting from the first purchase can be used for the first time on the next online purchase. Any refund credited to subsequent purchases can be used on subsequent occasions after the purchase has been completed as follows:

The credit balance resulting from the purchase (closed purchases) may be used up to a maximum of 20% of the gross value of the new purchase for list-price products as a general rule. Shipping costs will be deducted from the discount base.

IMPORTANT! In the case of discounted products or in a campaign, the amount accumulated in the customer account cannot be used in general, but only in an explicit campaign, the amount of which will be announced in the campaign and may vary significantly from the general 20% (e.g. 100%). Information about campaigns and the products they affect will be communicated in a newsletter.

The balance of points (credits) accumulated (refunds) can only be used for products above 2000.-HUF gross (including VAT)!

The time limit for the use of accumulated points is 365 days from the date of crediting. The balance not used within 365 days will be lost and no compensation can be claimed! In order to ensure that balances can be used and redeemed, we regularly launch campaigns, which our registered customers can read about in our newsletters.

The aim of the scheme is to build conscious behavior of our customers and long-term relationships with them by returning discounts and using balances in a targeted way. Always keep your money here, it´s worth coming back.

If you would like to share your thoughts on the program, we welcome them at info@muzixgroup.com!

May the Muzix be with you!!!

Greetings to all music lovers,