Passion. Expertise. Continuous striving for authentic sound.

These are VIFA guidelines.

Founder N.C. Madsen left his career as an automobile mechanic in 1933 to pursue his true passion: speaker technology. Over the past 90 years, the VIFA brand has grown to be one of the world's best designs with specialist speakers that almost defy physics. The Danish manufacturer combines extraordinary experience in loudspeaker production with the specialist expertise of its engineers to launch its modern, lifestyle speaker range.

This all-new series retains VIFA's heritage and brings premium listening and immersive aesthetics to everyone. Premium sound also requires a premium look. Accordingly, VIFA introduces its new, unique wireless speaker family.

New wireless digital speakers

The new series of digital speakers combines Vifa's core values in a unique and enjoyable way. Lifelike sound, premium materials and technologies are fully expressed in the clean yet sophisticated Scandinavian design, transforming it into a versatile high-end product line. Covered with unique products from the world-famous KVADRAT textile factory, hi-tech constructions satisfy even the most sophisticated and delicate tastes. Whether it's small, medium or large, you can be sure you're getting the best.

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