DAC- i.e. Digital to Analog Converter. This component produces sound from digital signals, so its quality fundamentally influences the precision and realism of sound. Today, there are also Bluetooth-connected DAC models that you can connect to from a smartphone in Hi-Res Audio quality. You can read about audio formats HERE.

AMP - a sound amplifier that amplifies signals from a DAC or other broadcast source and drives the speakers, whether in ears, headphones, or larger speakers. The role of the amplifier is cardinal in dynamics, in the proper, undistorted sound of the quietest and loudest parts. In an audio chain, the role of the amplifier is like the foundation of housings.

Our headphone amplifiers and DAC converters provide drastic quality improvements, just like earphones or headphones powered by a mobile phone, but our desktop electronics and high-resolution audio players can transform concert quality from a laptop or reach the high-end audio category. However, never forget that every audio chain is only as strong as its weakest link, so choose your components well! Ask questions, we will be happy to help!

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